Student Blog Challenge 2016

Student Blog Challenge 2016

It’s time once again for a new batch of our students to join the global academic community.

For the past 2 years ISD has utilized the Student Blog Challenge as a way of enabling our 9th grade students to develop their global presence and academic skills.

“Social Media for academic use”

When I mention that to most students, they look at me like I’m crazy. But over time they learn about the opportunities and the process. In the future, it can be a way for them to obtain primary resources for their research papers (EE).

Some students have great success, while others end up with very little. Either way there is learning occurring and our students are getting exposed to the wealth of opportunities that exist, both in the cyberworld and the physical one.


Global Collaborators in High School

ISTE Standard #7 Global Collaborators

There are new standards for students from the International Society of Technology in Education. ISTE is the recognized body providing technology standards for schools worldwide.

One standard is for our students to become Global Collaborators. Our student’s blogs are the platform by which they will begin to connect and share. ISD Teachers will work with teachers from other schools this year to get our classes connected and interacting.

I encourage our students to continue their interest in their blogs and add content to them without having to be told by a teacher. If students feel like the sites are good reflection of themselves, they will be more inclined to use them and share their learning.

I’m excited to see how our student’s blogs will grow this year.

@ISDakar Supports UN 2030 Schools Goals

ISD’s Guiding Statements encourage our students to become global citizens who address complex problems and are of service to others.

Towards that end our 9th Grade Digital Citizen Class students created projects to support the UN 2030 Goals. They researched the project goal of their choice and created a digital media product to promote understanding and perhaps action towards that end.

Here’s what our creative students then shared with the world:


Welcome to your brand new blog at Edublogs!

This is where you will get the opportunity to learn to blog and share your ideas with a larger audience. This blog will be the hub around which we will work. You will go to your own blogs to write and the travel to each others’ blogs to read and comment.

This is a work in progress so relax and have fun!

Take a look through step-by-step guide to getting started with your blog.

Happy blogging!

Mr L.